Cattai Canine Massage Therapy

Supporting your dog's recovery and health

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Testimonials for Cattai Canine Massage Therapy

'Waldo is great after his massage. He appears to be able to travel up and down the stairs more freely.' N. Logan

'Gaye was extremely patient with Toby, who began to relax visibly! He is not a "touchy" dog, but allowed Gaye to work near his back - a previous unknown! We were amazed that he allowed Gaye to touch him for so long. He is more vibrant and responsive after his massage.' M. Anderson

'Clyde thoroughly enjoyed the experience and seemed to be at ease with Gaye fairly quickly. Gaye showed a good understanding of his character and used the knowledge to make the experience for Clyde a positive one.' J. Grey

'Excellent and thorough treatment, great discussion of observations. Worked really well with calming Rufus, even if only for short periods of time, as Rufus is quite an excited "jumpy" dog.' L. Holmes



Massage Therapy does not replace veterinary care. Please consult your veterinarian about any persistent problems your dog has.